Saturday, April 14, 2018

Here are the cards we made at our
Card Making Craft Holiday in Westport

Monday's Class

New Baby Girl Card
with a Distressed edge detail.

8 by 8 inch New Baby Boy Card
beautiful vintage image on pretty backgrounds
with lace and ribbon detail
and finished with flowers and baby charm

Tuesday's Class

Over the edge Tent Fold Wedding Card

Back view Finished with lace and ribbon detail.

8 by 8 inch Card
Vintage Cone Posy, for Anniversary/ or Wedding.
Beautiful little handmade bouquet, in a Paper cone 
with Guipure lace collar and ruffle,
 This is an idea I took from the little boutonniere 
the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot wears on this collar, 
in every episode, 
I taught this a few years ago. and still love it.

Wednesday's Class

C5 Concertina Gate Fold Card
With a beautiful Seaside theme
Finished with Tiny Seashells, Moss and Sand

inside view

Back View

Double Concertina Gate Fold Card
With an image of a pretty vintage lady
in peach and cream.

Card fully extended

 Back view

Thursday's Class
C5 Communion card
Twin Twisted Easel

Side View

Back view when opened

Closed view

Poem on back of card.

C5 Vintage Lily Sympathy Card
with decoupaged lily and finished with ribbon and lace.