Sunday, June 25, 2017

Afternoon Tea at Fernleigh
in Aid of The Five Loaves Charity in Bray.

Well how to I start
Not really sure, I am exhausted, but so happy, with the day yesterday, first of all Our Lady listened to all my prayers and gave us a glorious day, to be honest, I was so stressed, getting everything ready, that I forgot to go into the garden to say welcome to everyone, even thou I gave you all a hug and a kiss when you arrived, I had set the summer house up for teas and coffees, with hot flasks and kettles, but it doesn't even look like it was used, there was tissues, wet wipes, sun screen and even sun glasses in a basket.
Jugs of Water, 7up, sparkling water, elder flower cordial, Prosecco and Secco light, in the bottle cooler, 
I hope everyone has a good time,

I biggest thank yous to Roberta Ruth and Edel Shannon, they were both amazing, because I simply could not of pulled the day off without them. and I don't think they knew what they were letting themselves into when they said they would help. thank you to Clare Honan Cathy O'Brien and Linda Cameron
for jumping in to help and sell tickets, 
To Patricia O'Leary for the beautiful exploding box demo. 
Clare Honan had one planned to do, but we ran out of time, 
but we might do it at the next fun night. 
you just need to bring a hard backed notebook. 
Thank you to everyone who gave me china, loaned me Cake stands, Tea pots, umbrellas, Chairs, table cloths. 
I appreciated everyone's help.
A huge big thank you to everyone who came, 
for your generous support, your money will go a long way.

Will I do it all again, YES is the answer, but next time I will have to hire some help. in the way of 2 school girls, who are fit and can run up and down the steps. and it will only be afternoon Tea and a Raffle, 
that way we can can enjoy the day, 
and I will get to chat to everyone.

Drum rollllllllllllllllllll
The Grand Total going to the Five loaves is €1259.61
There is still a few promised donations, put I will add those to the raffle to be held in Carlow on the 15th of July.
When you look through the photos the last one really touched my heart, and had me crying, (please read it)
Myself and Roberta will pop the money in this week.
The best Hat went to Esther Newcombe Mahon
And the most Elegant lady Was Maureen McBride 
I was so busy I didn't get back to the camera, but Ester took loads of photos so hope she will share them on this page as well.
I just finished washing all the china, and putting it away for next year, which will save me so much time, as we now have everything we need to do it all again next year.
We would love your feed back on the day and how we could improve it.
Thanks a million everyone
God Bless Yvonne Tune

Dee, Liz and Maureen

Carmel and Elma

Deirdre, Celine, Kitty and Rose



Anne, Charlotte and Linda

Lower patio. Deirdre, Celine, Kitty and Rose

Susan, Carmel, Elma and Carolyn

Aileen, Breeda Liz, Linda and Patricia

Esther, Ann and Charlotte

Jean and Esther

Exploding box by Patricia O Leary

Lace Journal by Clare Honan

Jennifer Mary and Carmel

Breeda Patricia and Kay

The Best Hat winner
Esther Mahon

She made this hat herself.


The most Elegant Lady
Maureen McBride

Kay, Dee and Maureen


This one really touched my heart
Thank you Paul
you are a credit to your Mam and Dad.
and an inspiration to everyone. xx

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