Sunday, March 20, 2016

List of items needed for the weekend
up dated 20th of March 2016
1. Large and smaller trimmer
2. Craft mat
3. 3 x  pairs of scissors (1 for paper. 1 for sticky tape, and 1 good one for ribbons)
4. Needle and thread. pink or white.
5. Craft Knife/pokey tool/ tweezers.
6. Good quality all purpose glue, (collall or bostic)
7. Hi-Tac glue, or book binding glue ( collall or anita)
8. Ruler/ rubber/pencil/ note pad.
9. Peel-off boarders and corners.
10. Selection of foam pads and foam tape
11. something to put rubbish in, (old sweet tin)
12. Small container for embellishments.
13. Hot glue gun and extension lead.
14. Fine tip black marker, (to do some faux stitching.)
15. Pinking Shears, or fancy edge scissors

Updates 14th of April
16. Hi-tac double side tape
17. if you like a mug of tea/coffee can you bring your own mug, as the hotel only supply cups.
18. the menu is in, so please check your emails and let me know asap, as I have to give it to the chef tomorrow. thanks 

I have spare tools if anyone needs them, but need to know by 14th of April, so that I can bring them for you.

Please check back nearer the date to see if I have updated the list

thanks Everyone 

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