Monday, September 1, 2014

A Great Big Thank You
 To all my lovely ladies who travel far and wide to stay the weekend.
It was lovely to catch up with all, my lovely crafty friends, some I met for the first time 9 years ago in Craftzone. and have come to nearly every event since, to all the lovely ladies who joined us for the first time, Ruth, Linda, Esther, Yvonne, Aideen, Edel, Kelly, Annalea, and Julie. you were all so welcome.
A Special Thank you to Roberta my right hand women, 
who is just fantastic.
To Margaret, for all your help, banter, craic and fun.

I hope you got home okay, and are not to exhausted.

Would love some feed back on how you though the weekend went,
so please pop me an email or leave a comment below.

I had some feed back about the Taste of Home Card
Some of the ladies didn't manage to finish the project, as they had to leave about 5.30 on Saturday. most ladies stayed on to get it done, but there was 3 cards in the afternoon class. so we never got to finish them on Saturday, however nearly everyone did on the Sunday.
and I think I stretched you all with the afternoon class, but we did chat a lot, and a lot of question were asked,
The Taste of home card was probably a class in itself
so next time I will allow more time, and a shorted lunch break.

But need to know, Do you prefer to be challenged with something new at my classes, or make pretty cards but simple cards.

At my Carlow Class, the ladies prefer to finish 5 pretty but simple cards.
would love some feedback
thanks Yvonne

Click HERE for the list of names for the
Carlow Christmas Workshop
Saturday the 18th of November

many thanks

Cards from September

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